Who we are

Demeter-AWE is a holding company that provides consulting services, project management and financial assistance; the firm is committed to devising strategies and leveraging technologies to alleviate food, water and energy insecurity throughout the world.  Founded by former Minister of Agriculture Shalom Simhon and former Director-General of the Ministry of the Economy Sharon Kedmi, Demeter AWE brings together unique expertise and experience to foster solutions that address the global sustenance crisis.

Tackling global challenges.  Building local solutions.

Demeter-AWE provides high-profile consulting services to national, municipal and regional governments, worldwide. Services offered include strategic and detailed planning as well as on-going assistance. Demeter-AWE  also initiates and manages agri-business projects and programs throughout the world.
Demeter AWE has launched a new fund that will encourage and enable customized approaches to solving the hunger challenge. Millions of people  today face starvation and live in regions where food and water security are far from assured.  At the current rate, global food demand will double by 2050, requiring increased production to keep on pace.
Additionally, water consumption has increased at twice the rate of population growth over the last 100 years. By 2025, 1.8 billion people will face water scarcity. And we continue to deplete non-replaceable energy resources.
The only way to ensure sustenance for billions of people is to increase production ---through investing in technology, innovation and efficiency. Further, there is a need to address socio-economic policies; as noted in a recent UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) report: "in poor countries, hunger and poverty reduction can only be achieved with growth that ...is sustained...and broadly shared".  Demeter AWE creates solutions to meets that challenge - of finite resources, increasing demand and policy change.
Lead by professionals with decades of experience in the private sector and government, Demeter AWE is uniquely positioned to identify opportunities, form strategic partnerships and leverage access to technologies to improve the lives of millions worldwide.
Demeter-AWE Initiatives will focus on efforts to replenish and replace Agriculture, Water and Energy resources in those areas of the world now facing dire shortages.The firm and its principals are in a unique position to effect real change in how these vital resources are developed and distributed. 
Demeter-AWE will initiate resource growth, enhancement and expansion by providing funding/capital, technological and professional support, as well as education and joint ventures to nurture local independence as well as international collaboration. The firm will bring together investors, innovators, and inhabitants in need, building the infrastructures and technologies that will not only provide food and potable water, but will enable these populations to feed themselves for generations to come.