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At Demeter AWE - while our scope is global, our focus is always local--we never lose sight of our client's specific needs and goals.  And we are determined to do it all – if it increases food production and water resources, if it requires special attention and safety measures, Demeter AWE Investments will provide the experience, expertise, sensitivity and support needed to ensure success. 
Recognizing the vital importance of agriculture worldwide, Demeter AWE Investments focuses on projects, programs and producers in this sector.  Demeter AWE Investments impacts every aspect of the field, providing expertise from building a chicken house through developing poultry product integration, from raising a dairy farm and erecting greenhouses and plantations through constructing water and irrigation infrastructures to land reclamation.
Furthermore, at Demeter AWE, we seek out and develop those novel technologies that make the difference-- that are specific to our clients needs and add value and efficiency to all our projects.
It is estimated that, by 2050, net annual investments of $83 billion will have to be made in the agriculture sector in developing countries if there is to be enough food to feed the expected world population of 9.1 billion. Particularly high population growth, longer life expectancies, increased bio-energy consumption and greater purchasing power of the population in some emerging economies will contribute to this increasing demand for investment.
Nearly half of the world's current population-- three out of four people in developing countries-- live in rural areas.  Agriculture is the main source of livelihood for an estimated 86 percent of these individuals. In developing countries, agriculture generates on average 29 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) and employs 65 percent of the labor force. About two thirds of the world’s agricultural value added is produced in developing countries.
Increasing food prices pose a major threat to developing countries that are dependent on food imports to feed a growing population.  Therefore, Demeter AWE focuses on initiating, building and managing small to large scale projects tailored to our clients' specific needs.  
Demeter AWE fully collaborates with its partners in order to utilize its expertise and maximize its outcomes. From China through Central Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa to Central and South America, our clients include local governments, private companies as well as non-governmental organizations.  Often strongly influenced by political as well as demographic factors, the sector requires an understanding of many diverse and complex pressures.  Further, agricultural production and related infrastructures vary greatly from region to region, and country to country.   
Therefore, investments in agriculture require more than in-depth market knowledge, more than just proximity of the investor to the client, more than merely providing support. Demeter AWE offers all of that and much more---it provides hands-on management, first-hand knowledge of the political, social, geographic and technological needs of the population to be served; Demeter AWE offers a commitment to success -- understanding that peoples livelihoods and lives depend on it.