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Our Demeter specialists comprise an exceptional team of experts actively engaged in agriculture, water and energy projects and programs around the world. Their breadth of expertise and depth of experience provide our clients with access to the very latest in research, technology, policy and strategic planning. Demeter specialists are, therefore, uniquely able to respond with relevant and appropriate solutions to specific conditions and needs wherever we are working.

Liat Morgan is a DVM-PhD student at the Koret School of Veterinary Medicine, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her thesis focuses on enhancing fertility and production in swine farms by improving animal welfare. She has conducted research on improving sow fertility and production by group housing management towards better animal welfare. Preliminary results led to the development of regulations for pig farming and housing by the Knesset Committee on Education, Culture and Sports, and were presented at an international conference on pig welfare in Denmark in 2015. Ms. Morgan has extensive hands-on experience with wild and domestic animals; substantial laboratory experience of various molecular and physiological analyses, including noninvasive welfare assessment methods; extensive knowledge and experience in commercial swine farm management techniques, pig welfare, production and reproduction. She was on the Hebrew University dean’s list for exceptional academic achievement in 2010 and 2012 and received the dean’s award for exceptional contribution to the community in 2011.

Yosi Cohen is an international consultant and expert on swine production.  He is the CEO of Kibbutz Lahav which has a 1200 sow farm, slaughterhouse, meat processing plant, a marketing and distribution system and a research department focusing on animal nutrition additives. Yosi is the founder and CEO of Lahav Consulting, a cooperative agricultural association owned by Kibbutz LAHAV offering its expertise  in establishing and managing pig farms, genetics, nutrition, reproduction, slaughtering and processing of meat, manure treatment and environmental issues. Mr. Cohen serves as Chairman of Negev Spice, a manufacturer of herbal spices and paprika, as well as Company Director of Dolav and its US subsidiary Decade Products, one of the leading pallet and pallet boxes manufacturers worldwide. Cohen is also Company Director of LAHAV CRO, a company offering clinical services for biomedical companies and of Shoket Deli meats, a leading producer and processor of deli meats in Israel.