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Our Demeter specialists comprise an exceptional team of experts actively engaged in agriculture, water and energy projects and programs around the world. Their breadth of expertise and depth of experience provide our clients with access to the very latest in research, technology, policy and strategic planning. Demeter specialists are, therefore, uniquely able to respond with relevant and appropriate solutions to specific conditions and needs wherever we are working.

Dr. Guiora Guilat Since 2002, Guiora Guilat is Chief health consultant, MDV in charge and member of the  professional board  at Milouoff - Poultry Integration , an agricultural cooperative society. During these years, he also served as Member of the Poultry Health  Commission at the Poultry Council, and as Member  of the Committee on the Elimination of Salmonella at the Veterinary  services and Animal Health, Ministry of Agriculture. Since 2012, Mr. Guilat has been teaching veterinary practice at the Hebrew University. In 2010, Mr. Guilat  won the Excellence Award on Veterinary practice and Bio-security in memory of Dr.Oded Pleser. He obtained his Veterinarian  MD degree from La Plata University, Argentina and completed his post-doctoral studies at Tel Aviv University, where he majored in poultry diseases.

Dr. Yael Noy is an expert on poultry and fish nutrition. She has served as a nutritionist at Miloubar, one of Israel's largest feed mills, since 1988. Prior to that, from 1997 to 2008, she was a lecturer at the Faculty of Agriculture, Hebrew University, and a turkey farm manager at Kibbutz Evron (1980-1988). She has been responsible for initiating and directing applied research facilities in broiler, layer, breeder and fish species and has directed multiple experimental facilities, where she was responsible for trial set-up, feed formulations, statistical analysis and research documentation. Dr. Noy is an active  member of local and international nutritional boards which are in charge of raw material and feed additive regulation and recommendations. Providing on-site overall farm counseling as well as formulating feeds, she addresses the challenges associated with ensuring reliable, safe and robust farm-to-fork industry. In addition, Dr. Noy directs, manages, plans and supervises a large number of ongoing trials, with the goal of improving poultry and aquaculture performance. She has a PhD from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Faculty of Agriculture, and has co-authored numerous papers on poultry nutrition.

Gadi Zeitlin is an expert in poultry – R&D, genetics, broiler breeder and hatchery management. Since 2006, he has served as Director of Breeder and Hatchery Operations at Milouoff, an integrated broiler agricultural cooperative association. Prior to that, from 2000 to 2006, Mr. Zeitlin served as a consultant to primary breeders and poultry projects. From 1996 to 2000, he was Executive Vice President of Genetics and Breeding at Anak Breeders Ltd. Prior to that, he was Director of Genetics, R&D and Broiler Breeder Management at Poultry Breeders' Union, Israel. Mr. Zeitlin has a B.Sc. from the Faculty of Agriculture at the Hebrew University. He also has an M.Sc. in Veterinary and Animal Sciences from the University of Massachusetts. Mr. Zeitlin was trained in a broiler integration at Hillcrest Foods in Maine, USA.

Yehoshua Bashan is a poultry specialist with over 35 years of experience. He is currently the CEO of Milouff, the only poultry plant in Israel which manages the entire poultry production process from hatcheries to product processing. In 2002, Bashan planned and developed the Milouoff poultry integration which today grows 56,000 tons of meat, operates a hatchery, 9 breeding farms, and 42 poultry farms. Shuki also serves as Chairman of the Israeli Poultry Branch Organization, Board Member of the Broiler and Turkey Funds Poultry Council, and Board Member of the Poultry Council Executive Committee. Bashan is also the CFO of a cooperative community in northern Israel and served as an economic guide to several neighboring struggling cooperatives. Shuki Bashan holds a B.A. in Economics and Management from the Ruppin Academic Center.