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Our Demeter specialists comprise an exceptional team of experts actively engaged in agriculture, water and energy projects and programs around the world. Their breadth of expertise and depth of experience provide our clients with access to the very latest in research, technology, policy and strategic planning. Demeter specialists are, therefore, uniquely able to respond with relevant and appropriate solutions to specific conditions and needs wherever we are working.

Dr. Yossi Inbar Environmental specialist with more than 32 years of experience. Director General of the Israel Ministry of Environmental Protection (MOEP) until January 2011. Joined the MoEP in 1991 and over the years headed various sections and departments including recycling and MSW. He was later Deputy Managing Director in charge of Infrastructure and Industries.  Headed many inter-ministerial committees and led national strategies and legislation on various environmental issues such as: solid waste, water, effluent reuse, air quality, IPPC, climate change, sea, rivers and streams and more. Dr. Inbar represented Israel in numerous UN and OECD committees on environmental issues. In 1995 he took leave of his government duties and worked for 3 years for Browning-Ferris Industries in London as head of Business Development in England and Head of Europe Organic Waste Treatment. Dr. Inbar received his BSc, MSc and PhD (summa cum laude) from the Hebrew University, Faculty of Agricultural, Department of Soil & Water Sciences and  Published more than 85 scientific publications. Currently, he serves as an environmental consultant and visiting lecturer (Hebrew University, Hadassah Academic College, Ruppin Academic Center).