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Our Demeter specialists comprise an exceptional team of experts actively engaged in agriculture, water and energy projects and programs around the world. Their breadth of expertise and depth of experience provide our clients with access to the very latest in research, technology, policy and strategic planning. Demeter specialists are, therefore, uniquely able to respond with relevant and appropriate solutions to specific conditions and needs wherever we are working.

Amos Tandler, PhD is Senior Scientist at the National Center for Mariculture, Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research (IOLR). The development of marine food resources is of growing importance worldwide; Dr. Tandler’s research focuses on marine fish physiology and nutrition, with an emphasis on the development of microdiets.  In an effort to increase marine nutritional resources, Dr. Tandler is working on the domestication of blue fin tuna and improved performance of gilthead sea bream. Amos Tandler earned his PhD at the University of Guelph, Canada and has served as a noted researcher at IOLR since 1978.

Ronen Emanuel Sander is an expert in aquaculture project analysis, crop initiatives, feasibility studies and business planning, with a particular focus on emerging markets. He participated in numerous aquaculture initiatives worldwide, among them in the Ivory Coast, Gabon, Zimbabwe, Ghana, and Israel. For the past five years, Ronen has served as managing director of an international multi-million dollar R&D initiative - a joint venture of Merck KGaA of Germany and the Volcani Agricultural Research Center in Israel. He has an undergraduate degree in agricultural practical engineering from Rupin College, Israel, where he majored in field and orchard crops, as well as an M.Sc. in agricultural economics from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. His M.Sc. project paper "Optimal Allocation of Limited Water Resources Between Fish Farming and the Cotton Crop in Kibbutz Nir David" analyzed the marginal diminishing return of the limited resource, water.

Uri Ben-Israel is an expert in the planning, designing, and construction of fish farms, as well as in sales, marketing, export and distribution, disease control and fish processing plants. He is CEO and founder of Alphalapia, a Fish Farming Consulting & Marketing company. Mr. Ben-Israel has provided consultation services for numerous projects around the world, including in the Ivory Coast, Gabon, Chad, and Ghana, Jamaica, Colombia, Ecuador, Nigeria, Brazil, Vietnam and Togo. In 1992-1999 he served as marketing director for Dag She’an Ltd., the largest fish processing plant in Israel. Mr. Ben-Israel has an MBA from the Ruppin institute, an international marketing diploma from the Export Institute in Israel and is a graduate of a course on fish diseases at the National Laboratory for Fish Diseases, Israel.

Yitzhak Simon has been working at the Ministry of Agriculture's Extension Service, where he serves as Head of the Aquaculture Division, for twenty years. He focuses on aqua cultural initiatives, including investments and profitability of ornamental- and marine aquaculture, in Israel and abroad, organizing professional courses, seminars and tours in other countries. Prior to that, until 1995, Mr. Simon worked at the Sde Eliyahu fish farm, where he specialized in large-scale Tilapia hatching, development of broodstocks, and recirculating systems for growing fish. He is the author and co-author of numerous papers in his field. Since 1995, Mr. Simon has served as editor of the Israeli Aquaculture Magazine. He has an M.Sc. in agricultural engineering from the Technion and a B.Sc. in economics and business administration from Bar Ilan University. Mr. Simon is currently working on his PhD on fish welfare at the Hebrew University.