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Our Demeter specialists comprise an exceptional team of experts actively engaged in agriculture, water and energy projects and programs around the world. Their breadth of expertise and depth of experience provide our clients with access to the very latest in research, technology, policy and strategic planning. Demeter specialists are, therefore, uniquely able to respond with relevant and appropriate solutions to specific conditions and needs wherever we are working.

Arie Peleg A leading agronomist with vast experience in fruit production, Arie Peleg specializes in deciduous fruit. He currently serves as an agronomist at Beresheet – Israel`s largest fruit grower and marketer - where he is in charge of growing- and post-harvest treatment of apples, pears, kiwifruit, plums, peaches etc. Prior to joining Beresheet in 2000, Mr. Peleg worked as an agronomist at Pri Psagot, a fruit growers' co-op in northern Israel, where he covered all aspects of deciduous fruit trees – from cultivation to the post harvest treatment of the fruit. Before that, Mr. Peleg worked in Australia for a number of years as a consultant for one of Israel's leading conglomerates – Koor (Intertrade Agricultural Division) as well as for the Ministry of Agriculture. He has a B.Sc.Agr. in horticulture from the Faculty of Agriculture of the Hebrew University, Israel.

Efraim Bar  is an agronomist expert with over 40 years of experience and specializes in field crops. As former Deputy Director General and Director of the Development Department of Israel’s Water Authority, Efraim has also served as the Director of Field Crops Division and Director of Grain Crops Division of the Extension Service of the Ministry of Agriculture. From 2002-2013, Mr. Bar served as the Director General of the Harod Valley Water Corporation which produces, manages, and supplies approximately 32 million cubic meters of water annually to the agricultural and household users in the Harod Valley. Efraim currently consults internationally for public and private sectors on water and agricultural development. Efraim Bar earned his B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Agronomy at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Faculty of Agriculture.