Demeter Consulting //

With decades of international expertise and experience, Demeter Consulting provides independent, professional consultation services specifically tailored to the needs and requirements of governments, non-governmental organizations as well as the private sector.

Today, agriculture remains the cornerstone of the economy of most developing nations. Unfortunately, agriculture alone can no longer sustain a reliable livelihood for the growing populations in these countries. Alternative or additional income generating opportunities are needed to support the millions no longer able to rely on sustenance from the land alone.

The Demeter Difference

Our highly experienced Global Agribusiness Group is headed by former three-time Israeli Minister of Agriculture, Shalom Simhon. Each member of the team has an in-depth understanding of international agribusiness as well as the political and economic trends that underpin the industry. From master and strategic planning through grain and wine production to agrochemical development and export marketing board management, Demeter Consulting's experience and expertise help our clients balance communication between the financial markets and critical non-financial stakeholders to best ensure commercial success.

Our team includes strategic and master planning specialists providing services specifically tailored to the particular nuances of our clients' business and region of operation. In addition, the Group also consists of professional agronomists, cattle and poultry experts, crop and seed specialists, and water and waste consultants. Further, the team includes members with expertise in forestry, marine agriculture and post harvest operatins as well as clean energy specialists.
In short, Demeter Consulting brings a comprehensive approach and all-inclusive expertise to the agriculture, water and clean energy sectors.

Our mission and our mandate are to make your goals a reality....turning your opportunity into your success. If you wish it, we will help you make it happen.